Super Six Transformation Program

Real Life Transformations that get results

  • Need help changing the way you look and feel ?
  • Have a big event coming up, like Wedding -Birthday- Anniversary- Holidays- Christmas Dress ?
  • Need proper guidance & motivation ? 



Welcome to our Super Six Transformation Page. This is for anyone that’s struggling with changing their body shape or need to lose body fat lose for that special occasion.


Whether your an Athlete that is out of season and want to drop body-fat or someone who wants to look good then this is for you.


We work with you to develop a healthy eating and training plan that will not only drop the body fat but have you looking and feeling better in no time.

Unlike most programs out there we use real foods and training, no popping pills or starvation here. Like all our programs this is scientific based training and eating that gets massive results.    

Depending on your level of fitness and your goals we have 4 different phases to get you started. Once we get your assessment scores we decide which one is the best fit for you.

You can start within any of these phases depending on where your scores are.

Check out each phase here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


This Program has been developed by Tom French and Barry O Sullivan (both Profiles in Staff page).  Both have been working together behind the scenes over the past 12 months putting together a new type of programme that hits the body better than anything they have ever tried before.

The Super 6 programme can cater for almost anyone out there from beginners to advanced regarding fat loss, muscle growth and so on. We are both very excited to get it up and running and most importantly help people execute it and transform their bodies and reach their goals, all in a healthy and sustainable way.


Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with either of us for more information on this exciting new programme that guarantees to get you into you best shape ever.

Barry 0870537607

Tom 0879022585

Start dates 

Next Course : Mon 6th November  

Times:     6.15am  + 8.00pm 

If times don't suit please call for alternative Option