A plan that will not only get you ripped but have you performing like never before.

Designed by one of the top trainers in the country and ex Galway Hurling Trainer Tom French. Tom worked with the Galway hurlers for 3 years out of the past 4  years and the Galway Camogie Ladies the past year,  you can see how they have progressed and developed under his stewardship. 


This Plan is like no other out there

Its all about performance and will get you ripped at the same time. This is not a bodybuilding program that will have you flat and heavy footed when your finished. This is a plan that gets you moving better - performing better and looking better. 

Its specifically designed with performance in mind and if followed exactly as its laid out you will get serious results.


Whats involved ? 


This plan is geared towards the club player and is structured in a way for you to get the very best out of your training without burning yourself out or over-training. There is constant progression from start to finish so you are sure to improve. 

You will log all your training sessions and the idea is you need to load a little bit each week if possible.  


It gets better - you will have your very own app

Once your signed up within 24hrs you will have your very own app delivered right to your phone. Here you will be able to access your program form anywhere.



  • Detailed Training Program worth €150
  • Very own APP worth €99 
  • Detailed Video of each exercise worth €100
  • Lower & Upper Body functional movement and stability plan worth €50
  • Detailed Running Session Program worth €99 

Plus videos for Warm ups, Roll outs, Band Activation, Pulse Raiser and Jump Video for Plyometrics 

That's worth a Staggering Value of of almost €600 


Guess what

We want to look after everyone and give you a solid affordable plan that gets results without costing a fortune.

This is a Once in a lifetime offer of  €49 once off payment for the month of November (price doubles 1st December)


Once you sign up up your good to go

Once you join this plan you will receive an email and you can download the app where you can print off the full plan.

Plus you will be able to see all the videos of each exercise from your phone.

We have left no stone UN turned to give you the most effective and affordable program you will see anywhere in Ireland 

You will be registered on this plan for 3 months from time of purchase. Your app will disappear after this, but don't fear you can still copy and save everything beforehand.   


This is a steal so don't delay and get on this while you can before the price Doubles on 1st December.

Price €49





David Collins Ex Galway Hurler & President of GPA 


If I had known about Tom French when I was 22 my whole approach to training back then would be different!

His expertise, his all-round knowledge in the area of sports performance is something you have to admire.

Tom has transformed me personally from someone who just did the normal; join a gym, do it 4 days a week, eat whatever and expect great results. Not going to happen!

Tom’s off season program is like no other, it’s not about pumping iron and looking good in the mirror, it’s about been able to perform on the pitch, and if it’s done right you’ll look good anyways. My fitness has never dropped with Toms programs; I feel I’m getting stronger with each one and I hope to play for many more years to come. 

If you’re a club player and want a plan that not only works but will have you playing like never before then get on this as soon as you can. You won’t be disappointed 

 Aoife Donahue ALL Star 2017 Galway Camogie 


I would highly recommend this program to anyone involved in Camogie. Ive been working with Tom the past year and ive never seen or did training like it before.

His methods of getting you fit and strong without over training are excellent. Ive reaped the benefits this year and i'm sure if you get on his plan you will see massive improvements.

Whether your a club or county Player his plans work so don't be afriad to give them ago.